Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Dude! I just received my first unsolicited blog-related email from somebody I don't even know.* Peter Lowe writes:

Please can you change the encoding on your weblog to Windows-1250? It's set to -1252 at the moment, which is a Western charset (setting my browser to -1250 manually lets me see diacritics properly but it would be nice if it could happen automatically).
And I figgered out how to do this all by myself!

* At least I don't think I know him. If I know you, Peter, I apologize. Tonight I was accosted by a stranger (so I thought) at the Prague Business Journal business mixer, a lovely but somewhat stifling little affair at the foot of Charles Bridge, which featured, among other things, a woman wearing white, semi-transparent pants and a thong beneath them. Anyway, this stranger not only greeted me by my first name, but knew I was an owner of Tulip Cafe. (We attended the same business meeting three of four years ago, it turns out.) He then proceeded to slam the coffee and the food in a rather unnecessary manner. After he was gone, I came up with a witty cut-down involving the ugly bruise on his schnozz. Something about the guy not punching him hard enough. Wanker.


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