Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Here are a few notes on what I’ve been doing the last few days, should you care. On Friday, we enjoyed Doug Arellanes’s set DJing at Akropolis (he writes about his bad self here). Doug plays what he calls "modern Latin music that combines elements of electronica with pieces of the past." The music was tremendously good, and moreover, it really looked like Doug was having a regular blast playing it, which somehow makes a huge difference.

On Saturday, we attended what turned out to be an engagement party for two friends. We went to the tapas bar in Holešovice and drank sangria, and then retired to their kitchen. It seems getting married is quite the thing these days.

On Sunday, three of us went to the cottage. Made tomato-bean soup, tomato risotto and avocado-spinach salad with polenta croutons. Note the full protein. Here’s the weird thing about this risotto recipe which I found online: You make it backwards. It should actually be called ottosir, or maybe Sir Otto. Generally with risotto, you sauté some onions, add the rice, get it really hot, and then add the liquid and the vegetables. And you get this really cool steaming sound. With this recipe, you sauté the onions, then add water and garlic, simmer it for a while, then add the rice, stir it for ten minutes while cooking, and then add the tomatoes, cook a bit longer, then add the green onions, cream, Parmesan, etc. Totally wack.

Oh yes, we read from the Bible. Started with Mark, but then when it ended before Jesus actually came back to life (weird), we had to skip over to Luke. The funniest part is when Jesus rises from the dead, shows up at the apostles' place, and while they’re all oooing and ahhing, he finally blurts out, “Have you here anything to eat?” Like, people, hello, stop touching the stigmata and gimme some food! For me-sake I’ve been dead for like three days!

On Monday (a day off, because of Jesus) we hiked over the hill into Sedlec-Prèice, had a beer at the local pub, and then hitchhiked back. A woman stopped for us, and we told her Kvasejovice (the name of the next village). She asked us where exactly in Kvasejovice -- as though it's big place. I told her the first corner. She asked which side of the road. Good God, I said on the right. She said, “Oh, that big white house, the former schoolhouse.” Yep, she knew exactly where we were staying.

On Tuesday, back to work, although I didn’t get much done. Evening saw the premiere of Jazz Tuesdays at Tulip. Now I normally am not a huge fan of jazz, but these guys were really good, especially the surprise chanteuse in the last set. The crowd was small but very appreciative. Hopefully word will get out. Problem is, I drank too much again and in the morning, stayed in bed much later than is normal or healthy.

Today is Wednesday. It looks like I’ll be doing some more work for the Czech & Slovak Construction Journal. And we interviewed a possible new chef at Tulip, a young American from the Boston area. I hope he takes the job.


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