Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Just found this piece in the Slate archives, written during the 1999 Kosovo war. Here's what appeasement-happy Republicans traitors were saying then in defense of a brutal dictator:

"I don't know that Milosevic will ever raise a white flag," warned (Senate Majority Whip Don) Nickles.
Clinton "has no plan for the end" and "recognizes that Milosevic will still be in power," added (House Majority Whip Tom) DeLay. "The bombing was a mistake. ... And this president ought to show some leadership and admit it, and come to some sort of negotiated end."
"It is not helpful for the president's spin machine to be out there right now saying that Milosevic is weakening." The truth, said DeLay, is that "nothing has changed."

... (the next one's really good:)...

(Senate Majority Leader Trent) Lott implored Clinton to "give peace a chance" and, comparing the war with the recent Colorado high-school shootings, urged him to resolve the Kosovo conflict with "words, not weapons."

WH-WH-WH-WHAT!!? Didn't somebody just make a movie about that? So.... If you agree with Michael Moore, you also agree with Trent Lott. And vice versa. Either way you're wrong, I say.

The author himself, William Saletan, closes with this:

"You can be sure of only two things: Each party is arguing exactly the opposite of what it argued the last time a Republican president led the nation into war, and exactly the opposite of what it will argue next time."

Those words were written in May 1999.


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