Monday, May 19, 2003

Once again, faraway "opinion makers" making stuff up in op-ed pages -- and presumably getting paid for it. Here's a bit pro-Klaus propaganda that popped up in Australia (again, courtesy of Prague Monitor).

[Czech president Vaclav] Klaus is subject to vociferous criticism in the Czech press, though he enjoys strong support in the electorate. This is partly because of the hangover of former communists (these days calling themselves social democrats) and centralist Christian Democrats who try to claim the wholesale successful privatisation of the economy has not been a success - a view at odds with that of the OECD, which sees the republic as one of the bright spots of central Europe.
Hm. Where to begin? Funny that the author fails to mention that Vaclav Klaus hasn't been Czech prime minister since 1997, nor that the "wholesale successful privatization of the economy" only took place after he left office. Also strange that the author doesn't mention the substantial number of "former communists" in the Czech Republic calling themselves "the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia." Those, by the way, are the people that gave Klaus his presidency, not his "strong support in the electorate."


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