Friday, May 09, 2003

A Post From Baghdad Station
If you are reading this it means that things have gone as I hope and either Diana or my cousin has posted to the blog....

Thus begins the long awaited return of Salam Pax. It's the moment we all (or at least I) have been waiting for. I stayed up until 3am reading his wartime blog last night; and he's posted again since then.

On life today in Baghdad:
The streets markets look like something out of a William Gibson novel. Heaps of cheap RAM (stolen of course) is being sold beside broken monitors beside falafel stands and weapons are all available. Fights break out justlikethat and knives come out from nowhere, knives just bought 5 minutes ago.
On the new American "administration":
American civil administration in Iraq is having a shortage of Bright ideas. I keep wondering what happened to the months of “preparation” for a “post-saddam” Iraq. What happened to all these 100-page reports, where is that Dick Cheney report? Why is every single issue treated like they have never thought it would come up?
On the Iraqi Communist Party and the Communist Workers Party:
I am still offering to volunteer if they do some cosmetic changes to their name. They have their hearts in the right place, unlike most other parties who have their hearts near their wallets. But “Communist”? I will look like a “Communards” fan if I start wearing red stars and buttons with the sickle-and-hammer thing.
On the looting:
So how clean are the hands of the US forces? Can they say “well we couldn’t do anything” and be let off the hook? Hell no. If I open the doors for you and watch you steel am I not an accomplice? They did open doors. Not to freedom but to chaos while they kept what they wanted closed. They decided to turn and look at the other side. And systematically did don’t show up with their tanks until all was gone and there was nothing left.

On Pentagon spokeswoman Victoria Clarke's memorably hideous fashion sense:
The news programs drive me crazy but they are all we are watching. I specially like the Pentagon Show, him with the distracting facial expressions and her with her loud costumes.


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