Saturday, June 14, 2003

Meanwhile, Iranian Girl keeps posting about the protests in Iran. She's already calling it "the summer of victory."

Now I'm so much excited that I can't sleep & I'm just thinking about future that is not that much vague anymore, some bright points are seen. If things go on like this & these demonstrations continue just for one other week I bet that there'll be no need even to others' support... This summer will be the last time that we have Islamic republic & hateful mullahs in our country...Yeah, this summer will be the season of Iranians' victory; A hot but cool summer...
She's hopeful, to say the least: "You know when a government start shooting to people & killing them there is no hope for them to survive anymore." Try explaining that to the Chinese.

Click here and here for nasty pictures of pro-government thugs' handiwork.