Monday, June 23, 2003

Sometimes I wonder what's the point of even discussing politics when you have the calm, measured outrage of Josh Marshall. Here's more from Talking Points Memo on why Bush is a bad, bad man.

If you simply insist on believing white is black, even when you can see it's white, then when you tell people it's black then, well, maybe you're sort of not really lying, right? ... Maybe we're not talking about lying but only saying things you have no reason to believe are true, which I guess is not really a lie, right? Or saying things you have good reasons to believe are false but don't know for a fact to be false?
In other words, is there any convincing evidence Saddam had WMD? I supposed that depends on what the definition of the word "is" is.

I got into a big argument before the war with some Czech friends -- I was leaning in favor -- and one of the many things we disagreed about was Powell's UN presentation. I thought it was pretty damning. One of them called it "silly." When Rumsfeld said, "Any country on the face of the earth with an active intelligence programme knows that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction," I remember thinking to myself, "Yeah he's a creep, but who you gonna believe, him, or friggin' Saddam Hussein?" Now I honestly feel like a bit of a sucker.

Slate published a great lead piece on this topic ("Liar or Moron?") by Timothy Noah, who links to two articles he says he wishes he'd never written.


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