Friday, July 25, 2003

The Times of London has an exclusive interview with one of Uday's personal bodyguards, who has finally come out (though he didn't want his name published) after a three-month silence. Apparently the first "decapitation strike" missed Saddam by a country mile (or several).

The bodyguard said the Americans’ next “decapitation” strike came a lot closer, and that Saddam survived only because several safe houses had come under attack and he suspected there was an informant within his camp.

Saddam asked the suspect, a captain, to prepare a safe house behind a restaurant in the Mansour district for a meeting. They arrived, and left again, almost immediately, by the back door. “Ten minutes after they went out of the door, it was bombed,” the bodyguard said.

Saddam had the captain summarily executed while the Pentagon was claiming that the strike had probably finished off Saddam and Uday.


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