Friday, August 08, 2003

I have a lot of work today so I don't think I'll post anything to the blog. Have a nice weekend. If you're interested in following the blog conversation between me and Steve from PragueBlog, check out his site.

Oh yeah. Yesterday I was interviewed by another journalist. This time it was somebody from the Prague Post trying to dig up the inside scoop of the folding of the Prague Pill. I didn't want to be quoted mouthing off about something I don't know much about, so we just chatted for a bit and I made sure the majority of what I said was off the record. I did offer a few quotes in the end -- mainly because I felt bad they couldn't get anybody at all to speak on the record -- but I sort of doubt they'll use them since I don't really have any special knowledge about the subject. But let me say for the record right now, in case I am quoted and my comments come across in any way snarky or bitchy or petty, that I'm sad to see the Pill is gone and it's too bad those guys couldn't make it work.

And one last thing. I recently found this weird, nonsensical rant attached to my July 2 posting about the poet Seamus Heaney praising Eminem. It seems the author is mainly interested in writing the word "faggot" as many times as he can. I wonder if it's one of the former editors of the Prague Pill? (Ha ha! Just kidding!)


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