Wednesday, August 20, 2003

OK, I have an incredibly dumb techie question -- though I hesitate to even call it that -- that I'm just going to throw out there and hope somebody can give me an answer. I want to watch a video stream from the CBSNews web site using Real Player. (It's the awful video of the Baghdad UN bombing linked to by TalkingPointsMemo and CalPundit.) Despite all the "help" commentary telling me how Real Networks Surestream technology automatically determines my optimal streaming speed, the video stops about once every 10-15 seconds to rebuffer. Rebuffering takes about 30 seconds. Needless to say, this drives me nuts, especially for a horrifying video such as this one. In all the preferences, I can't find an option that will simply allow me to download the whole thing and then watch it straight through. Only way to do that is to sit through all the stop-start nonsense, which is incredibly nervewracking, and then watch it again. What am I missing here?


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