Thursday, October 23, 2003

Not blogging today. Not blogging yesterday either, but it's too late to tell you that. Anyway if you want to entertain yourself with one of my blog's favorite themes, do so with Serbian conspiracy theories. Here's an interview with Zoran Djindjic's bodyguard, who suspects the late Serbian prime minister and reformer

was shot at by two snipers. I believe that the bullet which hit the prime minister could not, by the position of the body, have come from Admiral Geprat Street, but from the opposite direction, from No.6 Bircaninova Street
Further down he mentions something about a book depository. (Kidding, don't look for it).

Send in by Dan Butler, who says: "My point here is that the Serbian nation is generally
a. a nation of conspiracy theorist. b. a bunch of drama queens. Nevertheless, good scandalous reading."

There's more actually, but I can't immediately find it on the site. Apparently B92 radio station has corroborated some of this with an autopsy report (in a report Dan sent):

Zoran Djindjic was killed by a bullet to the right side of his chest, B92 reports tonight, citing the autopsy report carried out after the murder of the prime minister on March 12.

The autopsy report states that the bullet exited below the left rib cage, and could be responsible for a graze found on Djindjic's the left arm. However, it does not rule out the possibility of a second bullet.

Unofficial information suggests another report into the murder is to be conducted after differences emerged between the report produced by experts in Belgrade and the findings of a German crime institute concerning the way Djindjic fell and the position of his body.

The Crime-fighting Institute in Wiesbaden, which offers assistance to foreign governments and police forces, could not confirm the information. A representative told B92 that only the Serbian government could make the findings public.
Apparently if the government's theory is true, he would have been killed by a bullet coming into his left side, or so says the bodyguard.

How did B92 get this report, and why now? Details sketchy. Treat as suspect.

The government says this guy just feels bad that he didn't protect his man.

Tool around B92 for more and let me know if you come up with any more.