Wednesday, October 08, 2003

The Spy Next Door (washingtonpost.com): "Nocs have cover jobs that have nothing to do with the U.S. government. They work in business, in social clubs, as scientists or secretaries (they are prohibited from posing as journalists), and if detected or arrested by a foreign government, they do not have diplomatic protection and rights. They are on their own."

I didn't know that about journalists. That might actually rule out a few of people I suspected were spies.

Like lots of people, I've been looking for a photo of Valerie Plame, or Valerie Wilson as she's sometimes called. None seem to exist. All we know is that she's blonde and 40 and knows how to blow stuff up. And she's damn good with an AK-47. (Sorry, did you come here looking for a photo of Valerie Plame? A photo of Valerie Wilson? Valerie Plame's photos? Valerie Plame Wilson's photo? Sorry, can't help you. Very cheap, I know, but at least I searched high and low on your behalf. I've got some very cool satellite photos for you.)


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