Monday, January 26, 2004

Another dumb Internet question for locals.

Tulip Cafe does not have one of those lines with ADSL capability via Czech Telecom. As far as I can tell, that excludes ADSL from any other operator, for the time being at least. Nor does the building have access to cabel Internet with UPC, which is what I use at home.

The best option I've come up with was kindly recommended by Geoff Goodfellow (profiled, by the way, in this week's Prague Post). It's a company called Omnet that offers wireless (i.e., they zap the signal to an antenna on your roof) for only Kc 950 a month (without VAT). The catch is, you gotta plop down Kc 15,000, and it's not 100% certain that the signal reaches the building. And of course, we have to make nice with the landlord to get that antenna on the roof.

I'm thinking that for light internet usage (no heavily downloads, streaming, just email and basic Internet access), the only other reasonable option for that location is just using a dial-up. Any comments more than welcome.


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