Wednesday, January 21, 2004

I wrote a little thing a while back about the weird disconnection of following American politics from abroad, where you don't have regular television access to the candidates but only read about them on the web.

Well, I just met Howard Dean. Here's the video of his speech in Iowa.

Oh. My. God. Doesn't he strike anybody as, um, well, don't know how to put it nicely -- a bit of a demogogue? Like Matt Welch says, maybe in a crazy good way, sort of.

Better than the video, via Kaus, here are two great samples of the scream and the surrounding oration, put to a beat.

Takes me back to that song on the John Specher Blues Explosion's Orange -- I think it's "Full Grown"? -- "We're number one in New York City! Kansas City! We're number one in Oklahoma City! Houston! Austin! Dallas! We're number one in Jackson, Mississippi! I said the blues is number one! I SAID THE BLUES IS NUMBER ONE!!!!!"


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