Thursday, April 15, 2004

As the head of a small company, there are few things more reassuring that hearing somebody say, "I fucked up."

I recently chasisted one of my kitchen employees. I said, "Kitchen Employee, you know what bothers me about you? You never do anything wrong. You've never made a mistake."

Kitchen Employee looks at me funny.

"I've never heard you admit to making a mistake. Somehow that really bothers me. Have you ever made a mistake?"

Surprised, Kitchen Employee says, "Sure, I make mistakes. I often make mistakes."

I say, "Name the last mistake you made."

Kitchen Employee starts scratching his chin. "Ehhh..."

I just sat there, saying nothing. I'd say a full minute went by. "I made a mistake just the other day... What was it?..."

Finally, he offered the following explanation, "I think the problem is, when I make mistakes, it's often in the morning, when you're not here. And I don't usually come and tell you about it later."

Does this remind you of anybody you know? Somebody we both know? Somebody really, really famous?


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