Sunday, May 23, 2004

Theo, in the comments below, posts some bits from Chalabi's "Wasn't me!" interview on NPR.

I decided to run a background check on Ahmed Chalabi using the handy new site search feature on scottymac.blogspot.com. From September::

Speaking of Chalabi, a friend and I at the wedding party on Saturday discovered a delightful new expression for use in daily conversation: 'Where's Chalabi?' (Example of usage: 'This restaurant sucks. Who's idea was it to come here? Where's Chalabi? What? He's off somewhere else? With his own private army and a golf course? That was never part of the plan!')
While I'm shamelessly promoting my site (if I don't, who will?), you might want to re-visit this exchange, which took place in my comments section of this site back in October.

Whatever happened to Izzy, anyway?


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