Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Theo, of the new Prague blog Steal This Idea, recently paid a visit to the intersection in Prague where Reynard Heydrich (bad, bad man) was assassinated in WWII by Czech partisans. It's a landmark event in Czech history, so it's notable that there's not even a plaque there today to mark the spot.

Even today, cars have to slow down considerably to make the turn. There are no markers of the event, but three streets in the area preserve the memory -- Gabcikova, Kubisova and Valcikova [I've removed the diacritics -ed]. A man I stopped on the street told me the attack would have taken place roughly at the Vychovatelna stop for buses headed to Nadrazi Holesovice. At the corner of Zenklova and Gabcikova is a fence that looks very much like one in photographs taken at the scene of the attack by investigators, but the man told the streets had changed much since then. At that time, it was largely a green area with few houses. Today, it is dominated by major traffic arteries, underpasses and an ugly blue building with the name Prometheus on its wall.
There's a photo of the turn.

The story's been told oft times before, but it's worth re-hashing, especially with gruesome tidbits like the fact that Heydrich died (following, presumably a rather miserable last week of his wretched life) after horsehair and wire from the car seat penetrated his spleen. Ew.


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