Friday, July 02, 2004

Last night I dreamt that I had gone on vacation with my parents to Greece and then to the Czech Republic. I stepped into the dream during the Czech portion of the trip. I had a conversation with my mom regarding the relative merits of the two countries. It went roughly something like this:

Mom: "Greece was much more modern."
Me: "Greece? Modern? Those people live in the Stone Age! They're barbarians!"
Mom: "Yes, but at least they seem to be changing."
Me: "Changing? They joined the European Union twenty years ago, and nothing has changed since then! The Czech Republic, on the other hand, joined this year."

And so on. Note this isn't necessarily what I actually think -- I've only been to Greece once, and it was just for a day -- but that's how the talk went in the dream. Later we visited a new Czech shopping mall, only this one was leaps and bounds fancier than any Czech shopping mall I've ever been to in real life. And still my mom wasn't impressed.

It wasn't until after I woke up that I made the connection with last night's game, which I watched at Tulip last night along with the staff and about five other people.

So the Czechs lost. Sorry, guys. Just remember who went out on a limb defending you against his own mother.


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