Monday, September 06, 2004

Chicago Tribune | In Prague, a tale of 2 Attas: "Surveillance cameras at Prague's Florenc bus terminal show that Atta spent some time pulling slot machine handles in the Happy Day Casino before vanishing for the next 36 hours into the twisting, cobbled streets of Prague."

Ah, magic Prague! How often I forget. Where's Angelo Rippelino when you need him? Aren't there some ghost legends about Florenc bus station?

Here's the thing that strikes me: Mohammed Atta, the same Mohammed Atta that flew the plane into the WTC, spent the night in Prague on June 2. Yet he's not registered in any of the hotels, and it's presumed he must have stayed in a private home. He's also known to have visited previously, in 1994, probably before he became a devout Muslim. This points to a strong possibility that somebody in Prague knew Atta and knows something they're not telling us. Now Prague's a pretty small place. Has anybody tried asking around?


Say, check out this racket: Tarot cards illustrated with spooky Prague shit!


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