Thursday, November 25, 2004

A Fistful of Euros is has become a go-to place for updates about Ukraine. It's even been Instapunditted.


Regarding this Iran business touched upon in the comments below, I think a few key points are right here:
'The U.S. has good reasons to be sceptical. Tehran has been playing the EU and IAEA skilfully while acting as if it has something to hide,' said Robert Malley, Middle East and North Africa director for the International Crisis Group think-tank.

'But the problem with the U.S. posture is it simply hasn't worked. Four years of threats without tangible incentives to change behaviour have only bolstered hard-liners, increasing the regime's hold on power to its strongest level in a decade.'

The Iranians have made clear the freeze will be short and that uranium enrichment is what they term a sovereign right that Tehran will never renounce.
So I suppose everybody is just buying time. More.


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