Friday, December 10, 2004

My roommate comes back from Ukraine tomorrow and she promised she'll bring me an orange T-shirt that says "Tak!"

She was back on Sunday for a day. Originally she was supposed to be there three or four days, working as an election monitor for the OSCE. But the people in charge of Ireland (she works for the Irish embassy in Prague) decided they wanted an Irish person in Ukraine for the duration (they only have a consulate there, with an honorary consul who's not even Irish) so she stuck around for two whole weeks. She came back on Sunday, and on Monday she got a phone call asking her to go back again the very next day.

Apparently she witnessed actual fraud in the Odessa region. With her own eyes! The nerve of these people.

One hilarious thing she showed me -- I can't find the picture online -- were two shots of Mrs. Yanukovych railing against the poison oranges that are making people stand out in the cold in Kiev with eyes glazed over. In the first shot you see one of Yanukovych's aides standing in the background with a straight face. In the second shot -- presumably just after Mrs. Yanukovych starts talking about poison oranges -- you see the same poor guy struggling unsuccessfully to suppress a laugh.

By the way, 100% of the Ukrainian staff at Tulip support Yushchenko. And here's my press review for Slate.


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