Friday, June 17, 2005

In the United States, we sometimes use the phrase "short bus" to indicate somebody who doesn't have all their faculties intact, as in, "He obviously rode the short bus." I'll let somebody else explain why.

In Britain, it seems a new generation will grow up using the phrase "pink bus" to connote an obstreperous nature.

This just in from Northeast Wales:

Plans for a pink 'bus of shame' to ferry unruly school children in Denbighshire to and from school have been rejected.

Councillors decided that the idea, already taken up in other areas of the UK, was not practical.

Members meeting on Thursday decided that some children would enjoy being seen on the 'punishment' bus.
On the Isle of Wight, troublemakers already enjoy a taste of the "Pink Peril," the nickname for bus number 283.


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