Friday, July 15, 2005

The other day I caused a car accident. I approached a so-called "zebra crossing," the big black and white stripes, and stood at the side of the road, as you do, waiting for a chance to cross. A woman in a red car with the Oskar mobile phone logo on the side drew to a stop, as you do, to let me pass. The car behind, an old Skoda, her spun out and rammed into her rear, as you do. The woman yelled out her window, "Ty vole!" -- as you do. I crossed the street.

I waited around a bit, trying to look as though I was available to help, if necessary. Nobody was hurt. Even though I was in a hurry, I'd have certainly been willing to be a witness, if that was needed. Nobody said anything to me and it didn't look like I was needed, so I left.

Speaking of Oskar, one reader of this blog recently ran into me in a night out on the town and, as he works at Oskar, promised me one of those bad-ass red T-shirts that say "Oskar: Since 2000." These are going to be collectors' items, of course, since Oskar is being re-branded as Vodafone.


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