Sunday, November 13, 2005

Arming the perpetrators of grave abuses in Darfur:

"... Sinclair Holdings 7 Ltd, an Irish registered company, was authorized by the Sudanese Military Industries Corporation on 23 August 2004 to negotiate for the supply of 50 T72 main battle tanks and spare engines.... On 6 October 2004, following investigations by the Irish authorities, the Irish Minister for Trade and Commerce replied to an Amnesty International (Ireland) inquiry about the arms dealing to Sudan by Sinclair Holdings stating that 'there is not evidence of any involvement in illegal brokering activities by an Irish company.' Despite an EU agreement to control arms brokering, Ireland does not currently have any legislation controlling the activities of Irish arms brokers who arrange arms supplies from foreign countries. Therefore, Irish registered companies engaged in such activities are unlikely to be prosecuted, even when they violate a EU embargo."

Just so you know. It's like a free stock tip.

More: Irish firm denies brokering arms deal to Sudan


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