Wednesday, April 02, 2003

BBC's Reporters' Log is really good:

"After the initial stage when British soldiers - now out of their Kevlar helmets and flak jackets, and patrolling in berets - were trying to make friends with the children to win their hearts and minds, now the children are driving the soldiers mad with their constant demands for chocolates and sweets!"
'I had an opportunity to talk to some ordinary Iraqis who were out shopping. I asked one man if the Iraqi people thought of this as a war of liberation.'

'He told me, "People in the west need to understand that if even if people here are anti-Saddam, that does not equal pro-American or British." This man was not even a Baath party member, but he said, "I'm an Iraqi, and all I know is my country is being attacked. Why do you expect me to celebrate?" '

Meanwhile, U.S forces are within 19 miles of Baghdad, Reuters says, and if such a thing exists, have crossed Saddam's "red line" for chemical weapons deployment. But Agonist says that Stratfor says that it will take "up to two months" to secure the capital. (That Stratfor link hangs and I'm too impatient to wait.)


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