Friday, April 25, 2003

Look, it's official: Terry Gilliam is coming to Prague to shoot Brothers Grimm this summer. Also, note that producers are currently talking to Nicole Kidman for a bit part in this film. This is a genuine scoop. You won't find that non-news anywhere else. (I can't stand Nicole Kidman, for the record.) And if you really have nothing better to do, keep clicking on this page at the Terry Gilliam online fanzine to see how soon they pick this up.

Pupendo: A short review
Went to see Pupendo last night. It's well worth seeing, even if it wasn't the greatest film ever. But it's not going to travel very well, as there's so much "inside" Czech humor. Many of the jokes I didn't even get, having lived here for six years. Bolek Polivka is always good to have around, even if he always plays the same sot. (The Jester and the Queen or Šašek a kralovna is one of the best Czech movies I've ever seen.) The first half is the film is a bit plodding, but be patient; towards the end, it really opens up and somehow becomes "big." I can't think of any other way to describe it. Also, the character of the doofus Czech boyfriend is simply hilarious and worth the ticket price by itself.


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