Monday, April 14, 2003

Rummy on Meet the Press, via Tom Tomorrow:
TIM RUSSERT, NBC: The head of the museum said, "Our heritage is finished." What happened there? How did we allow that museum to be looted?
SEC'Y RUMSFELD: "How did we allow?" Now, that's really a wonderful, amazing statement.... But we didn’t allow it. It happened. ...
I didn't break it. It fell.
MR. RUSSERT: The Red Cross said hospitals were also looted. Does that surprise you? I mean, it’s one thing for the Iraqis to ransack, loot Saddam’s palaces, and steal his faucets, it’s quite another to loot their own museum and their own hospitals. Did that surprise you?
SEC’Y RUMSFELD: Surprise me? I don’t know. Disorder happens every time there’s a transition. We saw it in Eastern European countries when they moved from the Communist system to a free system....
Hey, shit happens, dude. (In fact, looting of hospitals and museums did not happen here in Prague, nor in most Communist capitals, and I'd be surprised if it happened anywhere in Eastern Europe in 1989.)

Really, when is some reporter going to raise his hand and say, "Mr. Secretary, when did you become such a arrogant bastard? And why are you so full of shit?"


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