Thursday, May 22, 2003

This guy in Seattle strangled his friend's sister when he was 14, and then carted the body away in a box. Though he was seen "pushing a hand truck and a large box down a street the night before [the] body was found," police couldn't find enough evidence to prosecute. That was 21 years ago. Last year police were finally able to get a DNA sample from an item found on the body, and proceeded to send the guy (now living in New Jersey) a fake letter asking him to fill out a form and send it back. He complied, and the cops nabbed by getting the DNA from the envelope.

I'm missing the telling details that make me feel like I'm there, such as: What did the form say? (Note that this could never happen in the Czech Republic, where most envelopes have little plastic strips that you peel away to reveal the sticky part.)

Details.... Like in this totally unrelated story, we learn that Ariel Sharon and Mahmoud Abbas, during a "businesslike and useful" meeting, feasted on "pita bread, tahini, fruit and coffee." Mòam. What strikes me as really odd here is that, in an ironic reversal, the Palestinians and the Isrealis are at an impasse because both sides claims they'll make the first concrete steps provided the other simply makes an announcement. If you don't believe me, read the story.


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