Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Allow me to draw your attention to World Halušky-Eating Championships held June 7 in the Slovak village of Turecká, as reported in the Slovak Spectator.

The jury looks at workplace hygiene, injuries incurred during the grating of the potatoes, aesthetics, product quality, and finally the taste. To be one of the winners, a group has to cook the meal in less than 8 minutes and eat it in less than 12 minutes. Eaters can usually down a plateful in less than 40 seconds.
Via Prague Monitor. Halušky, if you don't already know, are little potato dumpling covered in a salty cheesy mess, often (unfortunately for me) with bacon mixed in. Moravské halušky are now sold in a frozen box under the brand name "Hot & Eat" in Czech supermarkets, which is funny, because I always throught they were a Slovak speciality. (To subscribe to Prague Monitor, send a blank e-mail to subscribe@praguemonitor.com with "subscribe" in the subject.)

I'm pulling a blank here -- what's the Slovak name for fried cheese?

UPDATE (June 5): Matt Welch comes though with the answer, with a mild oath thrown in for good measure. It's vypražený syr.

UPDATE (June 10): Correction. It's vyprážaný.


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