Monday, June 02, 2003

Jazz Tuesdays now Jazz Thursdays. The following message brought to you by Will Tizard, emcee and bon vivant:

Owing to popular demand, Tulip's live music groove-fest has now moved to Thursdays at 8, when more folks are free to indulge in foot tapping and gin sipping. Jazz & Blues Thurs, as it's now known, welcomes all with the same incredible 70 Kc entry fee, which includes a Beefeater gin cocktail of your choice and the hottest live café tunes around. Soak it all in downstairs at Tulip's burgundy-walled lounge. Arrive on time for some of those premium easy chairs - last week was standing room only after halfway through the

So the new Bat-time:

Tulip Lounge (downstairs)
Opatovicka 3, Nove Mesto (just down the street from The Globe Bookstore)
8pm every Thurs
70 Kc entry includes hot jazz and cold Beefeater gin


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