Monday, August 25, 2003

Speaking of the Prague Post, Dinah Spritzer subjects Prague Mayor Pavel Bem to a brutal interrogation this week, particularly about the "loud, drunken groups of British men who are here on stag-party holidays." Bem comes off as pretty open and honest in the end, although as the Post gently suggests, "Perhaps you are not aware of just how much of a nuisance these groups are."

Hizzoner also talks about legalizing prostitution, though he feigns ignorance about how brothels work ("Seventy-five dollars for what?").

UPDATE: Reader Theo tried to post this comment, but Enatation failed him, so he sent it emailem:

Brutal is right. Not that reporters shouldn't ask tough questions, of course, but ... The problem with the article is that it's hard not to come away from it feeling sorry for Bem (especially if you [like the mayor] haven't had any bad experiences with lager louts [not that bad (British) things don't happen to good people -- they certainly do sometimes -- fortunately not to me, however, so far. I only get attacked by local boys, but I digress]).

I also think it was fair for Bem to ask what the $75 was for, given the context. (If I 'buy' her, do I get to keep her?) Then again, I really don't know precisely how brothels work. No, the comment that made me scratch my head was Bem's 'Central Europe is so far away from Southeast Asia. ' Indeed.

Interesting to note that exchange offices are becoming more notorious than taxis, according to this article from the PBJ.


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