Tuesday, August 26, 2003

There's a discussion going on over at Prague TV about the demise of the Pill. I especially liked two parts:

If I had the capital I would have bought Globopolis.
It was too ahead of its time, but once PDAs, Mobile Internet, and notebooks become even more widespread it would have raked in the dough.
That made me chuckle. (Chuckle as in, um, right...) As did this:

BTW, whoever was listing the English-language publishing graveyard forgot that noxious little weed, the Prague Insider. Who was that jerkoff who published it? I remember he wrote something snide in the Pill to Alex about "dropping all that nonsense and coming to write for him" - they folded a week later into deserved ignominy.

- CS

Tribe - [author profile] Mon 25th Aug
That (the Prague Insider) was published by the Prague Business Journal. I can't remember who wrote that letter though, some Irish guy I think...

[ anonymous ] - [author profile] Mon 25th Aug
The Prague Insider was run by Scott Macmillan who eventually submitted a few restaurant reviews to the Pill after that exchange with Alex. Guess the joke was on Scott, not Alex, aye?
That's M-A-C-capital-M....

(And no, I'm not Irish and I haven't the slightest clue why this person named Colin Shea is calling me a jerkoff. As far as I know, I've never met him and he's never met me.)


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