Thursday, September 04, 2003

For my own selfish purposes, I'm collecting some articles about what the Europeans think about sending troops to Iraq and putting them here and here and here and here for safekeeping. A list of more stories here, and here the Hindustan Times says "America has found out at last that the taste of the pudding is in the eating." There's a BBC European press review from two weeks ago here. Suedeutsche Zeitung goes ballistic here. RFI does a great French press review, but they don't archive it, so I'll have to lift quotes: "LIBERATION says that however much he tries to package his call on the UN to send a multinational force to Iraq, Bush's request is nothing less than a humiliation. This, given the contempt the US administration showed for the world body in the first eight months of this year. LIBERATION says that Iraq is on the brink of chaos. Meanwhile, the other American so-called ''victory'' - in Afghanistan - has given way to a taliban counter-offensive. This proves that America, however strong it may think it is, cannot be the sherriff of the planet, says LIBERATION. Neither, says the paper, is the US a nation-builder... because it lacks the moral authority. And that void is a gift to terrorists, says LIBERATION, which calls for pragmatism from Washington." Well then! (If you're still reading, check out Le Figaro's scientific explanation of why pastis turns cloudy when you add water.) And speaking of reviews of the French press, praise the LORD for EuroSavant. And guess what the dish of the day is over at the German press review on Deutsche Welle, which earlier said many or most Euro papers think the new Iraqi cabinet is a "pupper government." Back in India, SWAMINATHAN S ANKLESARIA AIYAR (at least I think that's his name -- his column is called "Swaminomics") offers a rousing (well, sort of) defense of George Bush to his Indian readers, nearly all of whom think he's going down, down, down.


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