Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Radio Prague offers a breathless review of Cafe Imperial. They don't mention that the service is slow, often obnoxious, and the waiters have been known to try to rip you off. Yes, this place has some faded grandeur, but there's no excuse being nasty to the clients. It's happened on a few occasions, and I've heard complaints from others as well. As for the stale doughnuts you can throw at other customers for Kc 2000, it's a neat gimmick, but the problem is they don't specify if you can pelt the wait staff and management as well, who are a far more deserving of a pummeling with jelly and koblihy. I'm sure you could find some complaints about our Tulip Cafe -- the service can be less than efficient (we're working on it; the expanded garden has been a challenge, to be sure) and there's a good chance Steve wouldn't like the hamburger -- but one thing we're not is obnoxious to customers. Expats tend to become immune to it (indeed, some even invest the surly waiter or waitress with a certain charm) but I think that still counts for a lot in the Czech capital. We recently fired a waitress for snapping rudely at a customer. If you're ever mistreated at Tulip, start taking names and talk to the manager and/or me.


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