Thursday, September 25, 2003

Missing word replaced.

A poll of the Czech public shows right-wing ODS is the most popular political party with 28.5% support, versus 16.5% for the ruling Social Dems and 14% for the Commies. The once-upon-a-time promising Freedom Union is down to 3%. No big surprise with any of these numbers.

I've never really understood the broad appeal of ODS; that is, while I understand why a Czech person would favor a strong, right-of-center party, I've never been able to discern much of a pattern in who supports ODS and who doesn't. In the U.S., you can generally guess a lot of non-political things about somebody -- with a decent amount of accuracy -- if they tell you they vote Republican. It probably means they're white, they don't smoke pot, they don't listen to the Rolling Stones, and they're on the management side of whatever business they're in. (Don't try to shoot this down by mentioning your gay black drug-addicted union leader Republican uncle. I meant as a very, very broad rule of thumb.) Not so in the Czech Republic. What's the general caricature of the ODS voter? I've never received a decent answer to that question.


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