Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Today I was standing out in front of my apartment on Borivojova waiting for a taxi. I guy with long scraggly black hair came up to me and said, "Dobry. Den. Prosim. Vas." At first I thought he was drunk. Then he handed me a slip of paper that read "Jiriho z Podebrad" and I realized he was just an American who didn't speak Czech. He just moved here and was meeting somebody in front of the Plecnik church to look at an apartment. Came to Prague to direct his own horror movies, he said. "There aren't that many Americans here anymore, are they?" he said. "What are you talking about?" I replied. "There are tons of Americans." I felt like adding, "Why do you think I'm not the least bit fazed that some freaky random American approached me on my doorstep in Zizkov for directions?" He really wanted to chat. I really didn't want to chat. Sorry, I'm just a bit anti-social these days.


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