Monday, September 29, 2003

Things are really heating up in the south of Afghanistan, but here's some good news from the Christian Science Monitor (also via Colby Cosh):

With most headlines focusing on an upsurge in Taliban attacks across the south, it's easy to forget how much ordinary life here has changed.

Over 2 million Afghan refugees have returned from Pakistan in the past two years.

In major cities, from Kabul to Mazar-e Sharif to Herat, small businesses have opened to help individual Afghans rebuild their homes. Lumber yards are full of timber for roofs. Carpentry shops are banging out new doors and windows....

Down south, US engineers are expecting to finish repaving the Kabul-to-Kandahar road by the end of the year, cutting an 18-hour trip to about five or six hours.
Mind you, I didn't say exciting news.... Read the article, though. It's good for you.


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