Monday, September 08, 2003

Wow. The following sentence appears in The Weekly Standard:
In return for perhaps a couple of divisions' worth of Turkish, Indian, or Pakistani troops, the administration has suggested it is willing to subject the reconstruction of Iraq to a threat more lethal than Baathism and bin Ladenism combined: a French veto.
That's amazing. Who's the threat more lethal than the terrorists directing suicide bombings and killing American soldiers in Iraq? Deadlier than Saddam and Bin Laden combined? You got it: It's the French. I'm speechless.

The author makes a number of good points, namely that Bush's reckless fiscal policy is damaging the prospects for success in Iraq. But it's difficult to take these points seriously when anti-UN and anti-French paranoia is raised to such clearly hysterical levels.

We've known about the loony left. But the loony right is now showing its true colors, and the hues are remarkably similar. Statements like these are on par with the nuttiest stuff that's ever come out of Noam Chomsky's pen.


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