Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Hate to say it, but for once, Andrew Sullivan makes sense. A lot of sense.

This is something that can and should transcend any of our internal debates and divisions - right, left, Democrat, Republican, gay, lesbian, white, black, transgendered, bisexual.

Yes, it's the Federal Marriage Amendment, and it's bad. Very, very bad. Probably worse than you thought.

I try not to get worked up about politics, but it's really hard to underestimate the personal importance that such a blatantly homophobic amendment to the Constitution would have. In America, the Constitution is pretty much everything. Far right to far left, nearly every American citizen falls back on the U.S. Constitution, whether knowingly or not, to define his or her Americanness.

Yet what could an unprejudiced American possibly say if this passed? Could you really look a foreigner in the eye and say you're still proud to be an American? I cringe to think.

This won't pass, because this can't pass.


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