Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Here's an interview with one of my best friends from high school, Chris Radtke, and his partner in crime Mike Dawson. They write a nationally distributed (in the U.S.) self-published comic book Gabagool!. They talk about the comic, their opinions about the comic book industry, and all sorts of geeky stuff that I don't know anything about. (They've also been published in this anthology.)

Here's what jumped out at me:

Three of Cups is a bar near Dawson's apartment that has three-dollar beers and that's where we write our scripts.
Three dollars for a beer? Jesus, that's like 80 crowns! How do these guys afford to publish their own comic books? The sticker shock gets me every time.

And then:

Q: Geeks are much better than nerds. Would you agree?

RADTKE: I think the two are synonymous. When nerds try to be cool, they refer to themselves as "geeks". I got no problem with that, if it makes somebody feel better about their nerdiness, then go for it.

It's socially acceptable to be a nerd / geek these days. I think the widespread proliferation of the Internet has something to do with that. Everybody's online; frat boys, cheerleaders, my mom, as well as the dorks. It's been like a great equalizer.
Anyway, if just one person who reads my blog clicks on the link and finds the topic vaguely interesting, I've done my job. If you've come here looking for photos of Valerie Plame, go there instead, you pervert.


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