Friday, October 10, 2003

Oh boy. I laughed really hard when I read bloopy's story about the unnamed Prognosite who got so drunk he found himself covered in stuff that comes outta both ends at Lazarska tram stop.

Think I'll start repeating that tale. In fact from now on, I'm gonna tell that story whenever anybody mentions Prognosis . What, Prognosis? Oh, Prognosis! You mean the English-language newspaper in Czechoslovakia that employed that one dude who pooped and then barfed all over himself!

(A pity Bloopy's web site (thatnotsofreshfeeling.com) doesn't have permalinkies. And speaking of technical stuff what the hell is http://kd.mysearch.myway.com/jsp/GGmain.jsp and why is it appearing under referring docs to the right? Shoo!)


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