Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Iraqis turn on US after death of leader: "Iraqi guards, who patrol the entrance with US forces, denied that Mr Kaabi reached for the soldier's gun or tackled him. Several guards who claimed to have witnessed the incident said Mr Kaabi yelled in English at the soldiers as they tried to search his car. One of the soldiers bumped him with his chest, then pushed him and a shoving match ensued.
'They fired the second bullet deliberately, 100 per cent,' Mr Abboud said. 'It was killing for the sake of killing. It was not self-defence.' "

Whatever it was, it wasn't very smart.

I keep reading these stories about the, um, shall we say, impolite behavior of US troops in Iraq. You can't tell me all of them are cooked up or exagerrated. Then again, such things are bound to happen if you give enough 20-year-olds some M16's and send them into hostile territory far from home.


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