Thursday, November 20, 2003

Rehabilitating Howard Dean... ?

As I've said, nearly everything I know about the U.S. presidential candidates is filtered through the perspective of independent commentary, which I like to think gives me a truly unique perspective. (Ha ha.)

So is it me, or are people cautiously starting to take Dean seriously? Not just as a Democratic candidate, but as a potential president. And not just the people you'd expect. I called it a "bombshell" a few weeks ago when the pro-war liberal hawk Michael Totten said he might actually vote for for the virulently anti-war Dean.

Now read Andrew Sullivan's post today. Jesus, if Howard Dean can pick up Sullivan's vote -- and if he can pick up my dad's anti-liberal, anti-war vote, which I consider unlikely -- then he stands more than a good chance of becoming president.

Of course, he's gotta be likable, too. For the record, if the election were held today, I'd still vote for Wesley Clark in a snap, despite his plasticman appearance.


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