Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Wow, the general really went apeshit.

Via Josh Marshall, and connected with my previous post about the difficulty following a political campaign from abroad -- here's Wesley Clark having a conniption during a Fox News interview. The anchor tried to take a cheap shot, asking Clark what I suppose passes in Fox's mind for a "tough" question. ("While our men and women are dying in Iraq, is it proper to call it sideshow [to the war on terror]?") And Clark laid into him like nobody's business.

I'm not saying I'm totally blown away by Clark's ideas (a joint Saudi-American-Newsweek force?) but Fox deserved a sharp kick in the groin for that one. At the same time, it seems Clark must have made a calculated decision, ahead of time, to get pissed off if the moment presented itself. You can sort of tell by the way he jumps the gun. He probably got a bit more emotional than he'd intended, but the message was pretty clear in the end: I meant what I said, and don't fuck with me. This is stuff you could never tell from reading a transcript. Worth downloading. Here's the direct link.


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