Friday, November 14, 2003

Romania: Hollywood Filmmakers Move Farther East In Search Of Good Deals: "According to the Czech Association of Audio-Visual Producers, foreign filmmakers invested more than $250 million in film production work in the Czech Republic last year alone."

I could write a whole article on the provenance of that $250 million figure, but let's just say it's way, way off and leave it at that.

Furthermore, the whole premise of the article is wrong. Hollywood filmmakers are not moving east. They made one big movie in Romania -- Cold Mountain -- and that's it. It was a one-off that's provided the hook for a steady stream of articles with identical headlines, identical leads and nearly identical quotes from people who have every reason to be pumping Romania as the next location hot spot.

Next time you come across an article like this, ask yourself: If you were a Hollywood exec, would you want to be the guy blamed for sending Wesley Snipes on an extended stay in Bucharest? I think not.


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