Thursday, January 08, 2004

Minimal blogging today. (I'm now on two types of antibiotics, in case you care.)

Did anybody else notice how all the Beagle 2 dudes look like they still listen to Credence Clearwater Revival?

Oh, I wrote something for Fistful of Euros about the Czech Communists.

And while I don't agree with every word of The New Republic's endorsement of Joe Lieberman -- Lieberman's always sort of given me the creeps -- they're right about the direction the American Democratic Party is heading.

Political quote of the day, from Kevin Drum on Calpundit:

When liberals talk about their goals they talk about what they really want. When George Bush talks, he hides his goals behind surprisingly liberal rhetoric. What does that say about which direction the country is really going? And how long do you think conservatives can keep it up before their carefully erected facade disintegrates?
That's why you have to read conservative blogs to get an honest sense of how George Bush really thinks.


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