Monday, January 05, 2004

This is apparently old stuff, but I've been out of the loop. It's a report on September 11 Detainees' Allegations of Abuse at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York (not Damascus.) And it's a report from the Department of Justice, not Amnesty International.

In sum, we concluded, based on videotape evidence, detainees' statements, witnesses' observations, and staff members who corroborated some allegations of abuse, that some MDC staff members slammed and bounced detainees into the walls at the MDC and inappropriately pressed detainees' heads against walls. We also found that some officers inappropriately twisted and bent detainees' arms, hands, wrists, and fingers, and caused them unnecessary physical pain; inappropriately carried or lifted detainees; and raised or pulled detainees' arms in painful ways. In addition, we believe some officers improperly used handcuffs, occasionally stepped on compliant detainees' leg restraint chains, and were needlessly forceful and rough with the detainees...
While I wouldn't expect you to read the full report (I didn't -- too depressing), it's worth skimming the table of contents.

Link courtesy of Stickfinger, who rightly is especially outraged by the "T-Shirt with Flag and Slogan" section. Send these assholes to jail -- including everybody who stood by and did nothing. Instead the DOJ recommends "appropriate administrative action should be taken against those employees."


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