Sunday, January 11, 2004

Vermont town wants to secede

Not from the Union, mind you. Killington (yes, THAT Killington) simply wants to join New Hampshire.

Wouldn't look so good for Howard Dean...

If you're not American, a bit of explanation might be in order. Vermont and New Hampshire are really the two strangest states in the United States. Geographically, they're basically the same place. Both are rural, hilly, leafy and small. Both are between Massachuseets and Canada. They're right next to each other, divided by the Connecticut River.

Now there are some differences, to be sure. New Hampshire has a wee bit of oceanfront property. And the mountains in New Hampshire are white, while in Vermont they're green.

Oh yes. I almost forgot. Vermont is filled with bearded tree-hugging socialists, whereas New Hampshire has a slightly, eh, shall we say, libertarian bent. As in, their license plate says, "Live Free Or Die." It's also the only Republican-leaning state in the Northeast.


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