Thursday, March 18, 2004

"Now that it's upon us, the war sounds like a really really dumb idea. " That's what I wrote one year ago tomorrow, in my first blog post.

As if you care what I think or thought about the war... But this is my blog's birthday, so screw you. Yes, in hindsight, I wish I'd been proven completely wrong about that one. I even somehow suspected that I'd be proven wrong, or at least more wrong -- which is a strange thing to think, because if you think you're wrong about something, you generally change your opinion. Unless of course something just doesn't sit right and you can't explain why, sort of like this whole "let's-invade-Iraq-and-walk-on-rose-petals-tossed-by-the-teeming-masses" thingie. Yeah, even a year ago, in all-out skeptic mode, I had much higher expectations. Go ahead, call me a sucker.

New Year's Resolution: No more inside baseball, unless wrapped in elaborate metaphors involving fictitious guys named Sam, Bob and Rob.


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