Wednesday, July 21, 2004

"I'm not really sure why they interviewed you, but heck!"

That's what my girlfriend just said about this interview with Petr Bokuvka (of Daily Czech fame) on Radio Slovakia International. Quick, download it now! I'm not sure how long the link will stay up there. Sorry, but you need RealOne Player to hear it. (Look, just download RealOne Player. It won't kill you, and you can easily disable all the annoying features and have it on your computer for emergency situations like these.)

Skip to about the nine-minute mark in the recording to hear my bit.

OK, for those that are too lazy: I was a featured interviewee on Slovak radio for a feature on fast food. I got to spew my layman's spin on fast food psychology. Best of all, I got to make fun of Czech people for packing all their food on vacations and taking it to, say, Croatia -- a place where the food is actually good, and not much more expensive than here.

As I'm a journalist, a restaurateur, and a vegetarian, that naturally makes me an expert on fast food. And yes, it's true: After all these years, I could still really use a Taco Bell. Even better: a Picante in Zizkov.


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